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Information Technology


Computing solutions
Expertise in Information technology may not be something you would normally associate with an accountancy firm. At Ad Valorem we see our role extending logically to your IT department with a team of hardware and software experts working to create the ultimate computing system for your business.

A working product knowledge
Our experience in accountancy software extends from our authorised re-seller status for both Sage and Quickbooks products through to a working knowledge and understanding of all leading accountancy products. Detailed product training also allows you to maximise the potential of your software purchase.

Comprehensive support service
Software knowledge and understanding can be provided in:

  • e-commerce
  • web design
  • database integration
  • bespoke applications

Hardware support extends to the following:

  • PC workstations
  • servers
  • network designs
  • WAN links
  • remote access

IT services from Ad Valorem can be utilised on a standalone basis, or as an integrated package with accountancy and financial services.

"Trust us, we’ll help you steer the right course"