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The Practice


Russell Cookson formed Ad Valorem in April 2001 as a result of a restructure of a company that had been established for 6 years. The firm serves a range of national and international clients in the North and South of England. The firms success is built around the dynamic and progressive management style by the key players and staff  are encouraged to take an active part in the business.

Staff are sourced not only from conventional accountancy practices, but also from industry. This is very unusual for a conventional accountancy practice, but we have found that the strategy encourages a sense of reality and urgency within the staff. It also enables us to provide a mobile workforce which, as and when required, can work happily alongside clients in their workplace.

Key Personnel

Russell Cookson ATT ATII
After training with a small firm, Russell graduated to Deloitte and Touche in order to gain exposure to, and an understanding of, the taxation aspects of large multinational enterprises.
He founded Cookson Dell in 1993 and has specialist knowledge and experience of tax planning with particular emphasis on international corporate and personal tax strategies.
Russell has additional responsibility for the development of IT infrastructures both within the firm and for clients.